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On art, Tom Grummert gives a nice classic look to the book. Archie is a great character to show this renaissance period for music, but Riverdale feels like an afterthought. Helvie; 'Rama Rating: 6 out of 10 : Readers looking for fast-paced bombast and lots of fan service will likely find plenty to enjoy in Justice League 32 ; however, this ultimately suffers from attempting to do too much within too short a span of time. In terms of what works, we see Scott Snyder and James Tynion IV move the plot of their epic story forward and prepare for the major showdown with Luthor and his Legion.

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The Magnificent Ms.

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This leads to Kamala, Zoe, and Nakia to go on a road trip together. Up to this point, Magnificent Ms. Marvel was focusing on a world bigger than her own, which felt out of place for the hero, but Kamala fighting old enemies and zombies is the type of story I want to see for this title. Marvel dealing with trouble in her neighborhood with her friends by her side. She found a way into the hearts of Amber, Conner, and Ethan and it was such a treat!

That is to say, he seemed to understand Josie well and gave her so much in terms of love, patience, attention etc.

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It's a tricky thing to date a woman while handling his businesses, caring for his children etc. One of the most touching aspects of this love story is how Josie's deceased grandmother seemed to be present everywhere in their story. It was absolutely incredible how Gran found a way to set up Jake and Josie. What a wonderful lady! To me this story was perfection and I can't wait to continue with the series! Narrator: Hollis McCarthy performed well, but I would like for her to work on her masculine voice a bit more.

Overall, this was an extremely enjoyable K. I Love Kristen Ashley Books. She takes her time and let's you get to know the characters.

And before you know it your hooked. Josie and Jake were a little older, but you don't have to be in your 20's to fall in love. The kids and their relationship were great. The book provides laughs, tears and shocks. I enjoyed every moment of it. Some people complained about Josie speech. If you like the Harlequin old english type books kind of speech then this will not irritate you. She is very proper and speaks old english so yes there are some "thus" and "indeed", but not enough to irritate.

The narrator to me was fine. I could tell the difference between the characters and no ones voice was just too bad. The story itself was pretty good, not too predictable, not too smutty but gives you just enough. There were some bad guys but not any real violence. The alpha male wasn't too overbearing which is good to me because I can only take so much of that. The main female character while she has her submissive old fashion ways she is still strong and frequently speaks up which I appreciated.

It seemed more real that way where some of these book makes the woman so week that well you start wishing it to be over This book is 23 hours long and I will admit that I finished it in 2 days which means that I lost a lot of sleep. But it was well worth the credit. If you liked "Breathe" by Ashley then this book may be what you are looking for. I love all books that Kristen Ashley has written, this one, for me, is by far her best. This book is so fantastic, I'd waste all 3 of my credits on it!

This story focuses on Josie and Jake and their struggles to overcome their pasts and move on together. Josie is left to Jake in her Grandmother's will, and this starts a nice friendship between the two of them and Jake's kids, and later leads into a beautiful family. I laughed and cried out loud several times. Narrator is just "OK" I read this book on my kindle and have been waiting for the audio version. If you love KA, I would suggest reading the hard copy first so the narrator doesn't ruin it for you or prevent you from finishing. She's not terrible, she's just nowhere near as good as the other 2 ladies who narrate for KA.

But I saw another review where a credit was being returned due to the narrator. In my opinion, she isn't that bad - but hopefully KA goes back to one of the other two narrators for the next book! I think I will cringe every time I hear the word "thus" from now on. This was a very simplistic story that took way many words to tell. The overuse of profanity was also very annoying, not because I was offended, but because the author's use of the f numb and others made the characters sound ridiculous as opposed to tough or intriguing.

Lovely story. Ashley has done it again! Career focus woman and single sexy dad are brought together by a Will! The story shows there is truly life. In Death.. Love at all points in life..

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  5. You just have to be ready for it! This story was so promising at the beginning and the narrator was great but as it went on and Jake started talking, it became tedious.

    This book probably would have been 5 hours shorter if the author had eliminated half of Jake's use of the "f" word. It really wasn't a bad story, it just got lost in his pathetic inability to communicate in anything other than four letter words. Would you ever listen to anything by Kristen Ashley again? Probably not, I hate to waste my credits and be disappointed.

    How does this one compare? I haven't heard any other books by her but she did a good job with what she had to work with. Basically, this wasn't a bad story, it just got to be a annoying. Any additional comments? Could someone please explain to me what the excessive use of the "f" word adds to a story. Please note that I said excessive. I only listened to a few hours because I could not get past the continuous foul language. Every other word was F and they took the Lord's name is vain over and over.

    I realize that when desribing some characters some bad language might be needed to set the scene, but I could find no reason that Jake needed to curse continually. He was a father of three, basically a good guy, not an inmate, drug lord or hit man. It just did not make sense. Just horrible. Don't waste your time. Zero plot line, contrived, and pointless graphic sex scenes. Demeaning of women and. The secrets and surprises weren't that big or exciting. It also feels like two different books - I just didn't buy the way it played out early on, but I was already so invested in it, I felt like I had to finish.

    It's just okay. The narrator is good.

    Who Was Mary Magdalene?

    Beware, the graphic sex scenes come out of nowhere. The reader, for me personally, ruined jakes part by managing to make him 'sound' more like an old man rather than a vibrant sexy man. It's a shame as this story was lovely and both deserved happiness. Very unhappy to review unfavourably. I would definitely read more books by this author, unfortunately the narration lets it down badly. First time I have read anything by this author. Do you think The Will needs a follow-up book? From The Same Shop.

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