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The widespread adoption of medical informatics allowed healthcare providers secured and quick access to pertinent data on a patient.

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Healthcare Informatics is included in the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of in areas such as EHRs, tracking disease and health as well as DNA sequencing, showcasing the positive impact of health IT in the healthcare arena. The creation of this new subspecialty will help standardize clinical informatics training programs, increase the number of training opportunities available and provide an immediately recognized credential for organizations hiring informaticians.

HIMSS Physician Community members contribute to advocacy efforts, participate in education offerings, grow their own professional development, access practical tools and participate in networking opportunities. Visit the Physician Community to see how you can get invovled and find the resources you need.

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Medical Informatics. The mission of the Medical Informatics Program in the School of Health Professions is to provide students with the key foundational knowledge needed to excel in a dynamic career in the Medical Informatics field. With the support of faculty members who are experts in the field, students will have the opportunity to thrive in an engaging, creative and robust learning environment. Rigorous training opportunities will be provided to the students, thus allowing them to face challenges that will enhance their abilities to succeed in the diverse communities they will work in.


Medical Informatics

The Medical Informatics Program strives to provide a high quality education to students studying in the field of medical informatics who will be prepared to be employed in an urban environment. This will be accomplished by:. It offers student membership and various helpful resources for students.

Future Medicine: Modern Informatics - Richard Frackowiack - [email protected]

MI students are introduced to the role and responsibilities of the professional association and are encouraged to be student members of AMIA. There are various other local and national associations that are related to medical informatics profession that host events and activities for students as well. We view membership and active participation in the activities of professional associations as an opportunity to impact the direction and future of the medical informatics profession.

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