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American imperialism begins to dilute citizens into protesting and occasionally, rioting. A Spanish patrol boat carrying two important generals and one admeral is destroyed near the Puerto Rican coast. It is assumed that the boat was destroyed by Puerto Rican military. Nobody calls it the Intermarium, and is still culturally known as the European Union. The United Kingdom is, for the first time in recorded European history, is recognized as the "poor man" of Europe, following Brexit and a slowly declining influence.

Laos and Cambodia unite and declare a second Khmer Empire. This kicks off the Second Space Race. North Korea announces a manner lunar mission, and launches a rocket. Unsurprisingly, the rocket descends over Seoul and is detected to contain radioactive products. Despite it being shot down mid-flight, this has been taken as an act of aggression against South Korea, who has called for international support against North Korea. A few nations announce their support for a certain successionist state, namely Venezuela, Panama and Colombia. The ISX makes a resurgence, coming strong at Urumqi and nearby cities, holding them under siege.

North Korean forces begin marching across the border into South Korea.

This is met with fierce resistance, but it looks like the North Koreans are making more ground. ISX activity skyrockets, as borders into Central Asian nations from China are closed, and everything sporting the Chinese flag is burnt, as well as some people who had it tattooed. Extreme laws are established in towns under ISX control. After working on new stealth technology for a decade, the US Department of Defense announces they have lost said technology during a field test, and is offering a reward to anyone who can find it.

Puerto Rican nationalism has settled down for now, as the people aim to achieve independence peacefully. The situation in the Arabian Peninsula is complicated, as the Caliphate tries to unite rowdy, self-glorifying Sultanates. Due to diplomatic efforts by the Abbasid Caliphate, only eight of these states remain. United Nations Conference: North Korean troops are definitely gaining ground in South Korea, in some places crossing the 38th parellel.

Despite multiple accounts of international assistance, North Korea appears to be much stronger than before, even sporting new tanks and artillery in the battlefield. China has made no comment so far. All readily available sources of the outside world are cut off, leaving citizens in what can only be described as a mix between ISIS and North Korea in terms of daily life. Several nations have reached Mars, six in total.

Firestorm 2034

More nations are expected to follow suit. North Korean forces still go full steam ahead towards South Korea. Seoul is evacuated amidst rumors of a nuclear target, while routine airstrikes and coastal bombardments do not do much harm towards North Korea.

Most developed nations are either on the Moon, are on their way there, or have plans to get there within the decade.

Lunar and Martian habitations, or habs, become increasingly common as more nations extend their reached into space. With the Middle East seemingly under control, the UN is conflicted over the issue of allowing the Abbasid Caliphate into the organisation. Fusion rifles prove to be a popular choice of weaponry, with the few Japanese engineers being heralded as the creators of the revolutionary design by arms manufacturers elsewhere, who begin making their own variants.

The first international electric grid is being tested in the Baltic States and Finland. With North Korean advance slowed by international efforts, they display a short ceasefire, before renewing their advance with the prescense of Chinese forces within their ranks.

Quantum computing now reaches a new level, with a qubit computer prototype being built. The number of qubits a quantum computer can operate on is expected to increase within the decade, possible tenfold by the s.

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Excluding certain facilities and troops, majority of the belligerents of the Korean War are temporarily disabled due to continuous EMP attacks. It has been confirmed the technology used was from China, and bypassed most existing defenses. Seoul has fallen, and the wave of North Korean troops are fast approaching Busan. Habs become exceedingly common, and are seen as the precursor to fully-fledged lunar and Martian colonies.

Discrete Mathematics Using a Computer

Somaliland surpasses several African states in development, and is predicted to be one of the most stable states in the continent. North Korea becomes more erratic in behaviour, with their move of invading Vladivostok. A stalemate has been reached in the Korean Peninsula, as North Korean troops display exhaustion. The Chinese government is beginning to falter, showing signs of imminent bankruptcy. A Manchurian rebel group makes appearances in Harbin, stirring up dissent. Somalia, being salty about Somaliland, declares war on the new state.

Ethiopia, Eritrea and Djibouti support Somaliland, while Sudan pledges support to Somalia, having seen their share of rogue states. Manchuria secedes from a dying China, as news of the alleged "Dragon Fund" that stole money from the population is heard of worldwide. The rebel group in South China is joined by another Taiwanese-funded rebel group, who are now gaining control over the southeastern ports and cities.

A major line within the Trans-Siberian Railway is destroyed in Yakutia, presumably by the old Russian government. Supplies going to Siberia and the Far East are temporarily suspended. North Korea, or just Korea, as it calls itself now, allows a minimum of five months for a list of approved South Koreans to enter or exit the country as they please. Pro-government Russian forces in the Far East appear to have more weapons, but it is not known who is funding them.

The War for Somaliland has reached a critical point, with Somalia taking more hits than Somaliland itself.

The situation may devolve into full-frontal conflict between the two major supporters, Sudan and Ethiopia anytime now. With the fall of China definite, successionist states turn China into something resembling pre-unification Germany, with borders centered around old clan claims. Tibet has quietly declared independence, and stays out of action.

Sudan and Ethiopia have minor skirmishes along their border, but is accelerated after dead Sudanese soldiers are found buried under Ethiopian soil along the border. Old Russian support in Alaska is higher than anywhere else in the US, and rumors of succession are floating throughout the media. Kazakhstan joins Russia following more democratic reforms, as well as Ukraine later in the year.

Obviously, tensions between the Communistic and Republican parties continue. Turkmenistan has slowly become more Islamic over the years, so it will not be joining anytime soon. The Abbasid Caliphate begins stagnating, causing the Arab League to begin thinking of alternative ways to keep the Caliphate continuing. Israel and Palestine finally end their disagreements by creating a federal government in which there are two states: Judea and Palestine.

Independence wars begin in Africa following increased populism and the outbreak of a new strain of the bubonic plague. The main epicenter of this is mainly populist states and the Arab League states. Russia becomes war torn once again following continued political and societal ideological differences. The Intermarium members of Poland, as well as the Baltic states, invade Russia as a means of stopping possible leakage of the war into mainland Europe. Austria enjoys Bergenism. Czechoslavia, not so much. Belgian citizens enjoy it as well, but the government probably doesn't.

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This of course, is referred to as the Second American Civil War , even though it isn't that. The influx of Russian citizens pouring into Poland begs the question of whether Russian should be accepted as a second language of Poland. Other nations are somewhat able to survive. However, the unemployment rate rises immensely.

Kosova is annexed into Serbia. Malawi is annexed by Mozambique. Azawad secedes from Mali following the first Bread War. With Somalia being pushed back to the Horn of Africa, Sudan begins a full frontal conflict with Ethiopia in hopes of severing Somaliland's aid. The Federation of China is taken control of by Yu Chibai, a populist leader who wants to "make China great again". They call out for a reunification of China and the annexation of "rogue states" such as Manchuria and Nanhua.

Petersburg has fallen into Estonian control. The Baltic States are concerned by Polish intentions on their annexation, and form the Baltic Union in response. The fish are seriously gone.

Populations in the Atlantic have dropped massively as well as Pacific populations. No one has checked the Indian Ocean yet, but experts predict a drop there too. Aquaponics becomes the new trend as island nations try not to die from the fish shortage. Despite concerns among the Japanese population that they should not be allied with the Korea that fired nukes over their heads in the early 21st century, Korea has become slightly more democratic since the death of Kim Jong Un, and that the Japanese government is working towards a new sustainable economical system with them in the light of the Bread Wars.

Ethiopia kind of expected Sudan to lash out, and has countered with a significant defense force.