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Complex Analysis and Riemann Surfaces

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Japan 69 J Adelic structures on arithmetic and geometric surfaces, and applications. For some of related arithmetic and geometric aspects see. Czerniawska, P. Dolce, Adelic geometry on arithmetic surfaces II: completed adeles and idelic intersection theory, arxiv: Dolce, Adelic geometry on arithmetic surfaces I: idelic and adelic interpretation of Deligne pairing, arxiv: Dolce, Low dimensional adelic geometry, PhD thesis, eprints Nottingham Morrow, An explicit approach to residues on and dualizing sheaves of arithmetic surfaces, New York J.

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Limits of Liouvillian Functions

Clare, Nonstandard mathematics and new zeta and L-functions arXiv G Arithmetic noncommutative class field theory and local reciprocity maps. Japan, Tokyo pdf.

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  • Complex Analysis and Riemann Surfaces.

Fesenko, M. Kurihara eds. Ikeda, E. Serbest, Fesenko reciprocity map, St. Serbest, Generalized Fesenko reciprocity map, St. Serbest, Non-abelian local reciprocity law, Manuscr. F Infinite ramification theory and pro-p-group theory. Fesenko, Where the wild things are: ramification groups and the Nottingham group , In New horizons in pro-p groups, , Progr. Reine Angew.

Mathematik , pdf. Griffin, including math. E Local field arithmetic , representation theory or algebraic groups.

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Then from Table 1. We now apply 2.

This is allowable in view of the asymptotic formula. Then as in 2. From 2. Also, let.

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To ensure that the integral 2. Following Handelsman and Lew , we now give an extension of this method in which none of these conditions is required. With these definitions and the conditions 2. By Table 2. Hence we can extend the definition of the Mellin transform of f by setting. First we note that.

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Next from Table 2. From Table 2. For further discussion of this method and examples, see Wong , Chapter 3 , Paris and Kaminski , Chapter 5 , and Bleistein and Handelsman , Chapters 4 and 6. The first reference also contains explicit expressions for the error terms, as do Soni and Carlson and Gustafson The Mellin transform method can also be extended to derive asymptotic expansions of multidimensional integrals having algebraic or logarithmic singularities, or both; see Wong , Chapter 3 , Paris and Kaminski , Chapter 7 , and McClure and Wong On substituting 2.