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After we get through that list of qualities that some folks might have more than others, Paul then hits us right between the eyes with a quality he assumes all followers of Jesus will have in abundance: Love. I love the energy and momentum around evangelism, but I worry that we often are blurring the lines between evangelism and marketing. Are we talking about how great our Presiding Bishop is, or how beautiful our parishes are, or how wonderful our music can be?

Those are all good things, but they are marketing. Do you know what bothers me most about that story? I sometimes feel like that, too.

See a Problem?

I have experienced Christ, I have received the Holy Spirit, but too often I sit behind a closed and locked door. But Jesus wants us to go! Ever since Hurricane Harvey , my parish has been hosting morning devotions and Compline every Monday through Saturday on Facebook Live. While it was still raining and streets were impassable, we started offering up these times for folks to come together and pray, with my rector and I taking turns officiating. Sharing the Good News of Jesus Christ with friend or stranger sounds a bit scary.

To make it less so, we are advised to prepare what we would say whenever the opportunity arises.

Sometimes the resulting words on paper seem so compelling, the would-be story teller transforms into a would-be author. Or at least dreams about it. Recently, dreams found paths toward reality at a Writing for Your Life conference in Nashville, Tennessee. More than spiritual writers — some would-be and some already published — gathered like pilgrims at a hallowed place. No candles in this grotto - just inspiration from best-selling authors Barbara Brown Taylor and Rachel Held Evans, and information from other writers, teachers and editors about the craft and business of writing for publication.

Beverly Vick, an angel on earth who is a first grade teacher in Alexandria, Va. For my oldest son, and countless other children for whom school can be challenging, Dr. Vick makes learning come alive. Vick to dinner, and I was amazed at the stories she shared of a life dedicated to teaching. And underpinning it all is her deep faith and love of Jesus.

In the middle of May, the Church observes the custom of Rogation Days. In the spirit of this tradition, we offer five resources to help your congregation get outside and into your neighborhood. Please share this digest with your parish leadership and extend an invitation to subscribe to ECF Vital Practices to receive Vestry Papers and the monthly digest.

What is it about tables? We all hear the anecdotes and research about the importance of family dinner around a table. But what about dinner around a table with our church family, or even our community? At each dinner, a moderator will prompt participants to share stories of their faith journey with printed questions. Sharing Faith provides a welcoming and safe way to engage one another, articulate our faith and build relationships.

Are you offended by evangelism?

Ever thought of a capital campaign as a form of 'evangelism'? No, a campaign is not just about money, it's about cultivating new and existing relationships that nurture the vitality and growth of your congregation. A capital campaign offers a variety of creative ways for parishioners to interact both inside and outside the parish. Building relationships is as important for the future of your church as receiving monetary gifts in a campaign.

Here are three groups you should intentionally reach out to in your capital campaign. The underlying principle is that we should seek to mold our churches and parishioners into good neighbors. To serve the local community, the area in the defined borders of the parish.

Evangelism Outside the Box

Discussions of crowd size have blanketed the news this past month. The Episcopal Church knows a thing or two about decreasing crowd sizes. The average ASA for parishes across the country dropped from 60 in to 58 in But what if we could provide more meaningful information, by asking alternative questions? During the s growth increased at a rapid pace with the greatest number of multisites being birthed within the last ten years.

A multisite church is defined as one church that meets in multiple locations. This recent category in North American Christianity is the result of megachurches who, for various reasons, struggled with the question about whether to build an even bigger building or plant additional satellite campuses. Blogs Sign In Subscribe.

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What is the best way to share the gospel with total strangers?

The Easter Dance. April 20, by Lisa G. Topics: Worship , Evangelism. Living Without. April 15, by Annette Buchanan. Topics: Evangelism , Mission , Outreach. The Evangelistic Opportunity of Being a Regular. April 11, by Alan Bentrup. But what if you want to get better at evangelism? You practice. She took ten names back to the church. Within minutes the names were gone.

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Church members wanted to drop off the gifts for the families in person rather than having the angel tree organization deliver them in order to build a relationship with the families so that the church could look in on them and be there to help with any future needs.