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EPA1 en. Methods and compositions for detection of bacteria and treatment of diseases and disorders. Detecting and treating solid tumors through selective disruption of tumor vasculature. She also supervised field assignments in the Far East, the Americas, and the Caribbean.

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Freya joined LanzaTech in and has worked in various roles throughout the company. She holds an MA from Cambridge University. Fluent in German, French and Spanish, Freya enjoys working with the diversity of nationalities at LanzaTech and is now based in Chicago. Harmon joined LanzaTech from Striatus Inc, where she consulted on proposal and project development in advanced technologies, including energy and renewable fuels.

After receiving her Ph. Later she was a technical co-founder of Nonlinear Dynamics, a company specializing in applied pattern recognition. Dr Harmon provides policy direction and leadership on international legislative and regulatory matters and develops collaborative research and demonstration projects. Ramakumar has to his credit 45 patents and research publications in world-renowned journals. Currently, he is a member of professional bodies, viz.


He also presides over several national scientific societies, viz. Datuk Abd Hapiz is an accomplished leader with more than 30 years of management, technical, marketing and business development experience in the chemical industry. Prior to joining PCG, he spent over 26 years working with multi-national chemical companies, specifically Dupont and Dow Chemicals, where his responsibilities evolved from technical, manufacturing, marketing and sales to managing a regional business, during which time he held offices in the USA and Hong Kong.

He brings with him to LanzaTech a wealth of chemical industry experience with strong business networks, especially in the Asia Pacific region. Datuk Abd Hapiz holds a Ph. She has been in various positions ranging from chemist, process technologist, lead of technology management and till recent one. Anders holds a Ph. Umehara has held a number of management level posts across a variety of sectors including Minerals, Metals and Energy.

In , Mr. From , Mr. Today, Mr. Jim Messina is the President and CEO of The Messina Group, a firm that provides strategic consulting to political campaigns, advocacy organizations and businesses who want to build movements, services and products that succeed by being data driven, digitally-savvy and grassroots focused. A pioneer in this field, his advice is sought by organizations adopting groundbreaking approaches and innovative strategies, whether in business or politics.

In that role, he was integral to the passage of the landmark health care and economic stimulus bills. Messina has overseen and consulted on political campaigns across the country. Messina is a graduate of the University of Montana where he earned a B. Gary has been a member of the LanzaTech Board since As a senior operating executive, Mr. Rieschel created or helped structure several of the most successful joint ventures in the history of the technology industry. Wyse is a sought after speaker on biotechnology applications and policy in food, agriculture and bio-cleantech.

He is an international advisor to countries seeking to access global innovation as a means to accelerate economic development. Executive Team. These regions are known to evolve at a slower rate 2. Methods 78 59 than the non-functional elements. Therefore, a computational pre- 60 diction of the conserved DNA motifs within non-coding regions is 2. The complete genome sequences of 49 clostridial species were 80 E-mail address: vvls uohyd. Please cite this article in press as: Polavarapu, R. Polavarapu et al. Retrieval of operons and the intergenic sequences 95 85 These proteins were replaced with only one representative protein 86 sequence for further study Fig. Information about clostridial operons from genomes of all 49 96 species was retrieved from the DOOR database Dam et al.

Application of Biotechnology Part 1

Identification of orthologs Mao et al. However, in case of overlap genes, i. Intergenic 91 of both the proteins in alignment and E-values lower than 10 10 for sequence upstream to the first gene of each operon was retrieved 92 both directions using BLASTP program, with all other parameters at using a Perl Script. Sets of intergenic sequences were compiled 93 default values, were selected as RBBHs Altschul et al.

These sets of sequences were further 94 et al. Flowchart of the methodology.

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Identification of regulatory regions physicochemical properties, comparative list of proteins across clostridium and other firmicutes, a web resource, ClosIndb was Primarily, MEME suite was used to identify the cis-regulatory developed. This database has been developed using MySQL. It DNA elements from the set of intergenic sequences described was constructed to allow users to browse the results of the study earlier Bailey et al.

The DNA motif length, from minimum in an easily accessible mode. Flow chart of the model. DNA motif search was carried out to look for palindromes. DNA motifs pre- 3. Clostridial orthologs and cluster of identical protein dicted by MEME and also found similar with the predictions made by either of the algorithms MDSCAN and SeSiMCMC were selected The orthologous proteins among all clostridial species were as cis-regulatory regions or transcription factor binding sites.

These ortholog predictions will help to identify the regulatory region and also to 2.

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Determination of physicochemical properties impart functional annotation from species to species. It was observed that a number of proteins were identical in sequences Pepstats, a program under EMBOSS package, was used to predict within a genome and across the clostridial species. The observed. Further the relations of clostridial proteins among the grand average of hydropathy GRAVY values for protein sequences firmicutes were also explored. Clostridial regulatory regions 2.

Database development Using MEME suite, DNA regulatory regions were identified Subsequent to deciphering the genomic information of all across all the 49 clostridial species.